What is the content of the scientific entrance exam?

You can access the scientific exam content and practicing materials from here.

 How many courses are there for each term and is there any attendance obligation for the courses?  

Normally, in each term, there are 4 courses with 3 credits each. Each course lasts for 3 hours. Courses may take 4 half-days (9:00-13:00 or 14:00-17:00) or 1 complete day with  2 half-days in a week.

Attendance requirements are specified by instructors.

 May I apply to the program before I enter the English proficiency exam?

Yes, you may. However, you have to bring the original result document for the registration.

 May I apply with 2.74 or lower Grade Point Average (GPA)?

Minimum GPA for admission is 2.75/4.00. Admissions with lower GPAs will not be accepted. If applicant hasn’t been graduated yet, he/she can make a conditional application with 2.55 GPA. For registration, minimum GPA has to be 2.75.

  • If the evaluation for GPA is over 100 instead of 4.00, minimum GPA has to be 68.75/100.

 Is there any fee for the program?

No, there is not.

 What is the quota for 2024-2025 academic year?

12 students plus 2 for English preparatory class.

 When is the admission period and where should the admission be made?

Admissions will be made on 17 April - 05 June 2024 using the online registration system of the Registrar’s Office. Please, scan all your documents and upload to the system.

Registrar’s Office Online Application System

Can I apply for the spring term?

In general, applications are not accepted for spring term. Please visit admissions page for any changes.

 Which graduate exam should I take?

The exams you should take are ALES, GMAT, or GRE. The acceptable grades are:

  • ALES EA (Equally Weighted) 75 points
  • GMAT 600 points
  • GRE Quantitative 155 and GRE 

Your score should be valid for the admission period. The exam should be taken in the last 36 months.

Until when must I bring my ALES / GRE / GMAT results?

A university arrangement will be made on how ALES, which its date varies year to year, will affect the evaluation process. Accordingly, the date to be determined will be announced on the web page of the department. Please follow the web page.

How many reference letters should I bring?

2 reference letters.

  • One of the reference letters should be academic.
  • Other reference can be from an organization that you work for, from a person who is related to MIS or again from your university.

For B.U. MIS graduates, there is no need for reference letters.

How can I find the format for the reference letter?

Reference letters can be in any format. But for a sample reference letter please click here.

 From which departments will you accept the applications?

There is no department or university restriction for the application.

 Should I enter an English proficiency exam?

Yes, you should. You can bring any of the below scores:


TOEFL 550, TWE 4.5 or

TOEFL (CBT) 213, TWE 4.5 or

TOEFL (IBT) 79, TWE 22 or

IELTS Academic 6.5, Academic Writing 6.5

Your exam score has to be approved by the Foreign Languages Department

Your score should be valid for the admission period. You must have entered the exam in the last 24 months.

If you graduated from B.U. in the last two years, you will be exempt from English proficiency exam. Other university graduates should enter the exam even if they have graduated from an English speaking university.

You have to bring your original English exam score to the registration.

YDS and YÖKDİL scores are not valid.

For further questions, you can refer to Foreign Languages Department

 Is there a prepatory class for the program?

For 2023-2024 academic year, there will be prepatory class with the quota of 2.

 What are the selection criteria?

There are 3 criteria:

  • GPA,
  • ALES, GMAT, GRE exam score
  • Entrance Exam score (Written exam score + Interview score)

 Each criterion has different percentage.

All universities and departments are evaluated equally.

 For 2019-2020 academic year, what were the scores of applicants?

Maximum 3,63 96,03
Minimum 2,56 84,34
Average 2,97 89,9

Max., min., and average scores are for 12 different students.

 May I get the demographic information about past year’s applicants?

There were 59 applications. You can find the information about accepted students below.

 Undergraduate Universities of Accepted Students:

Boğaziçi University, Galatasaray University, İstanbul Technical University, Middle East Technical University

 Undergraduate Departments of Accepted Students:

 Computer Education and Educational Technology, Control and Automation Engineering, Electric Electronical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management, Management Engineering.

 If I couldn’t find answers for my questions, what should I do?

Please review the answers again, and if you could not find answers for your questions, you can send an e-mail to misgrad@boun.edu.tr with subject “MA”.