Mission & Vision

Goal of MIS: The goal of MIS undergraduate program is to train information and management experts who will design, develop, maintain and manage the information systems to support managerial decision making at all levels.


  • Develop and implement the most contemporary education and research program by closely monitoring innovations in our field.
  • Educate students who will add value to the industry.
  • Act as pioneer/advisor in IS implementations in cooperation with the industry.
  • Produce state-of-the-art research that competes with its peers nationally and globally


Vision: The department has determined the following goals in line with our mission:

  • Our goal is to educate students with IT skills to develop information systems in companies and with management skills to manage these systems.
  • Our graduates will possess the skills to immediately assume responsibility in the information systems area in an organization. Those who plan to continue with graduate eduacation either in IS or business administration will have received a globally valid undergraduate education.
  • The M.A. program in MIS targets to develop experts with the necessary scientific infrastructure in the area of Management Information systems who will produce an original research in their area of interest and contribute to literature.
  • The M.A. program in Business Information Systems target to provide the students with the knowlegde and skills in management of information systems and to equip them with the systemic approach to implement information system in instituitons across all industries.
  • Our goal is to carry out research projects in co-operation with academic institutions and with the industry, to convert information obtained in such projects into academic publications and to apply them in teaching programmes.
  • Increasing awareness about social responsibility projects.
  • The Department targets to become the pioneering research center in the MIS area by the research conducted with graduate students coming from diverse fields of expertise.