MIS Ph.D. General Information

Basic Principles

  • This program is offered by the Department of MIS under the Institute of Social Sciences.
  • The Turkish name of the PhD program is " Yönetim Bilişim Sistemleri Doktora Programı ", and the English name is "PhD Program in Management Information Systems".
  • The program language is English.
  • Students who have taken undergraduate and/or graduate degree from a different branch of science can apply to this program.
  • Students who complete this program successfully will have a degree of PhD in Management Information Systems.
  • In order to graduate from the program, at least 10 courses (28 credits) and successful completion of the PhD thesis are required. These 10 courses include 4 required courses, 4 elective courses, 1 directed readings course and 1 seminar course.
  • Students who have successfully completed the courses in the program enter the PhD Qualifying Exam. After that, the students who are successful in the exam can start their PhD theses. If they successfully present their PhD theses, they graduate from PhD program.