MIS General Information

Management Information Systems:

Management Information Systems is the study of the design, implementation, management and use of information technology applications in organizations so as to fit organizational and individual needs. Thus it is an interdisciplinary area that integrates the management science, computer science and behavioral sciences. Students are prepared for careers in business, communication and information systems so that graduates can immediately assume a variety of relevant positions.

In the first two years, the program is designed to deliver a balanced set of management courses including organization, economics, marketing, finance and IT courses like programming, algorithms, hardware, system software, database, data communications. In the last two years, focus is on integration courses such as system design and analysis, decision support systems, information systems management and enterprise information systems. Furthermore, for specialization in the areas of interest, several departmental elective courses are offered.

The requirement for the B.S. degree in Management Information Systems is a minimum of 147 credit-hours of course work. Each student is also required to complete 60 workdays of internship during summers.

Basic Principles:

  • Language: The language of the program is English. The students who can not pass the English proficiency exam take one year preparation courses.
  • Quota: The yearly quota for the program is 60.
  • Admission Grades: Admission is most competitive. According to 2004 National University Entrance Examination results admitted students are ranked among the top 0.5%.
  • Area of interest for the applicants: It is important to note that the applicants should have an interest both in the areas of management and computer science. Analytical thinking in a systemic view, good communication skills, teamwork would be additional assets.
  • Transfer students: Each year a limited number of transfer students are accepted to the undergraduate program (4-5 from departments in Boğaziçi University, 1-2 from other universities). Transfer applications are made to the Registrar’s Office only for the Fall semester in June. For further information: Candidates.
  • Double Major Programs: Double Major Programs are offered between Management Information Systems, International Trade and Tourism Administration Departments in the Faculty of Management Sciences for successful students. Graduates of the Double major Programs receive two degrees simultaneously. For further information: Double Major Programs.
  • Student Exchange Programs: Students who have completed the first two years successfully can apply for the student exchange program. Each year several students are accepted to this program from our department to have 1-2 semester education in the distinguished universities of United States, Europe and Asia. For further information: Student Exchange Programs.
  • MA Education: MIS Graduates can continue to a graduate study in the same area as well as information technologies or MBA. In our department we offer two graduate programs: M.A. in MIS and M.A. in BIS (Business Information Systems).
  • Postgraduate Careers: Our graduates are mainly working in IT consultancy and auditing; finance and banking; software development, internet and e-business. According to functional areas, great majority are working in Information Technologies and Systems Departments. Our graduate data are observed dynamically and statistical analysis results are placed on the web.


Undergraduate Program

  • Each year 60 students are accepted to the undergraduate program.
  • Students are among the top 0.5% in the National University Entrance Examination.


Graduate Programs

  • M.A. Program in Management Information Systems
    • Two-year graduate program with courses taken in two semesters, fall and spring. Students have to submit a M.A. Thesis in the second year.
    • Yearly quota for the program is 15.
    • Applications are made to the Registrar’s Office in April and June.
  • M.A. Program in Business Information Systems
    • One year graduate program with courses taken in three semesters, fall, spring and summer.
    • Designed basically for professionals with non-MIS backgrounds. Lectures are given in the evenings between 18:30-21:30 and on Saturdays.
    • Yearly quota for the program is 40.
    • Applications are made to the Registrar’s Office in April and June.