You can follow the success stories of MIS graduates, why companies want MIS graduates, and human resources-related issues in this area. Management Information Systems graduates can start working in various fields and titles such as;

  • System Analyst and Designer,
  • Programmer,
  • Information Systems Manager,
  • Project Specialist and Manager,
  • IT Specialist and Manager,
  • Business analyst,
  • Marketing Specialist and Manager,
  • Finance Specialist and Manager,
  • Human Resources Specialist/Manager
  • Academician

Qualifications our graduates have:

  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Strategic thinking about information technologies
  • Visionary business management
  • Effective interpersonal communication
  • Effective use of time and resources
  • Problem solving ability
  • Predisposition to teamwork


  • Being an exciting and dynamic field,
  • Offering global opportunities,
  • Having the spirit of entrepreneurship,
  • Providing rapid job finding opportunities,
  • Offering the opportunity to work in high-paying jobs starting from the first graduation,
  • High job satisfaction,
  • It is based on innovation and creativity.