There are two graduate programs in the MIS Department:

  • Management Information Systems Graduate Program with Thesis (M.A.)

Management Information Systems M.A. Program with Thesis offers high-quality postgraduate education to students with an undergraduate degree from various disciplines in order to qualify them to apply this expertise to their fields and to carry out research studies. The purpose of the graduate program is to equip experts with the necessary academic formation and contribute to them in their research endeavors. Applications are open to all candidates with an undergraduate degree from a four-year program. There is no limitation in terms of the departments candidates have earned their degrees from.

  • Business Information Systems Graduate Program without Thesis (M.A.)

Business Information Systems M.A. Program without Thesis has been founded in 2004 and is designed for participants who are a part of the professional business environment. The purpose of the program is to equip participants who have been educated in various disciplines with the expertise needed to develop and efficiently manage information systems that have a wide array of application areas in all organizational functions.