About the Department

Management Information Systems is an interdisciplinary subject incorporating the basic concepts of management, information technologies, and computer. Innovations in IT systems have evolved and how fast you also see how much impact our lives. That change raises new problems of business because these systems are essential to have an efficient way to manage the IT infrastructure. A second area of information systems brought about innovations in the fields of business. People in the management position decide as soon as possible to reach the most accurate information when that information is processed if necessary, and they want to be ready on their tables. Design and implementation of these systems are called decision support systems that IT governance is the basic subject again. Management information systems graduates play such an important and effective role; therefore, they are sought workers for all companies. MIS department, which is the first part of Turkey was founded in 1995 and is now 16 full-time faculty, part-time faculty members and research officers from the industry developed, it has become a strong team. With beginning of life on the academic graduate education since 2003, academic life has been gained a new dimension by becoming a much more colorful and comprehensive. Our department has opened its PhD program in 2013, and it is expected to have first PhD degree in MIS in Turkey. We are glad to be in Turkey as the most experienced practitioners and researchers in the young field. Another building block of high-quality education with qualified staff is a modern technical infrastructure. For our undergraduate and graduate students, we have fully equipped computer laboratory classes and the courses which are held in these classes are thought with a computer per student. All the classrooms and laboratories are equipped with video projector to meet the needs of modern education level. There is no doubt that we give significant importance for maintenance, repair and update of these laboratories. Management Information Systems undergraduate program includes basic computer and business courses in first two years. The third and fourth grade classes have integrated courses combining these two issues. Our program is also updated in every two years with the contribution of the sector consultants and our graduates as a parallel line with information technology innovations which we have followed carefully. After completing the bacheor's degree, our graduates work in particularly management consulting firms, the department of systems and software development or information technologies of large organizations or hardware and software houses. Another group of our graduates continue to study for a graduate education in our country or abroad. Again, I want to state proudly, a significant portion of our students are beginning to work without graduating. Boğaziçi University Management Information Systems is an only address for living with a high-quality education, free-thinking environment, and the advantages of reputation in the industry when taking education of this occupation which is extremely open in our country and the world. Our door is always open to talented, ambitious, creative thinking students who will come from all over the Turkey.